Who We Serve : Jon M. Stamberger | Independence, OH

Who We Serve


You’ve been saving for retirement. Maybe you’ve done it all on your own to this point or perhaps you’ve worked with another professional and want another perspective. We’ll listen to what your retirement goals are, determine where you are now, then formulate a sound plan to help you get to where you want to be.


You’ve already retired. Having the right amount of dependable income is key. You want to be sure you’re not going to outlive your money. Maybe you’re trying to leave a legacy behind for loved ones or a special cause and want to understand the best way to accomplish that. We can help!

Business Owners

You work hard every day serving your customers and building your business. We know what that’s like! We’ll help you use your business and the tax code to take advantage of what your business can do for you!

Inheritance/ Settlement Recipients

Large sums don’t come along very often. When they do, you want to consider all of your options and make good decisions. We’ll help you evaluate those options with an eye to your present and future goals and the effects of taxes as well.

Medical Professionals

You have a good income and you’re smart but between your practice, patients and family, you’re ultra-busy! You want to make sure that you’re making the right decisions now to achieve and maintain a great retirement lifestyle. We have strategies to help you do just that.

Individuals and Families

We provide you with innovative, cutting-edge products and services to help you grow, protect, and conserve wealth through all stages in life. Taking into account your needs, goals, and tolerance for risk, we will work with you to bring clarity to what you want to achieve and how to get there.